Gift Ideas

Be My Valentine

Ideas for the loves of your life...

Ockin Pendant Necklace: in red if she's daring and in blue if she's bold.

lasgodivas crystal Earrings: for the one who never apologizes.

Elsa choker with pearls: for the quintessential lady.

Chilipili Charm: for the creative type who easily gets bored. 

Penélope Earring: we hope she doesn't get tired of people telling her she lost one earring (comes solo).

Santa Maria Earrings: if she's coastal, from Havana Cuba to Montauk, a lover of the wind and the sea. She's uncomplicated and minimal. 

Ockin in lapis lazuli: for your sunshine, your only sunshine. 

Place your order by Wednesday 02/08/2017 to have your piece arrive gift wrapped in PR Series packaging, just in time for Valentine's Day. Guaranteed ship date of February 9th - UPS 2nd day delivery. Limited availability.