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Be My Valentine

Ideas for the loves of your life...

Ockin Pendant Necklace: in red if she's daring and in blue if she's bold.

lasgodivas crystal Earrings: for the one who never apologizes.

Elsa choker with pearls: for the quintessential lady.

Chilipili Charm: for the creative type who easily gets bored. 

Penélope Earring: we hope she doesn't get tired of people telling her she lost one earring (comes solo).

Santa Maria Earrings: if she's coastal, from Havana Cuba to Montauk, a lover of the wind and the sea. She's uncomplicated and minimal. 

Ockin in lapis lazuli: for your sunshine, your only sunshine. 

Place your order by Wednesday 02/08/2017 to have your piece arrive gift wrapped in PR Series packaging, just in time for Valentine's Day. Guaranteed ship date of February 9th - UPS 2nd day delivery. Limited availability.

In Honor Of: #InternationalDayOfTheGirl

The most recent HOUGHTON film has left us speechless.  A very powerful message that we must never forget, as it's only in our best interests to support, uplift, and empower other women.  Kudos to Katharine Polk, Houghton's founder and designer for empowering her girls to share their stories, and for opening up the door for other women to join the battle.  #GirlPower