Common question answered: Why we don't have sample sales

And why we make everything local.

A few of our most beloved customers have asked us about sample sales, and we thought the best way to answer this common question was via our blog. 

When I was working for big companies and manufacturing for fashion brands in China and India, I started to realize that the amount of pollution, waste, and excess was not only harrowing, but not worth the craze.  I have never believed in disposable fashion -  I love collecting and having a "curated" selection of pieces even if that means spending more/having less in my closet. And my brand and pieces reflect that philosophy. 

Therefore, it has been a personal mission to create high quality pieces that hold meaning and display artisanal craftsmanship. Our motto has always been "one piece a month" and "made to order", and we hope to maintain this concept mainly for two reasons:

One, we never over produce.  This means that we make a few pieces of each style to have in inventory (for some of you who need last-minute gifts) and we make a few more for magazine requests and loans.  

The second reason is because we don't want to ever over saturate the market.  As we grow, we want to make sure we control quantities. This ensures the pieces are reaching a select group of individuals - hopefully ones that care, like us, about a curated wardrobe, a special find, and a classic style, instead of a fad.

We make everything in New York for many reasons, but the most important ones are fuel consumption and air pollution.  By keeping everything local, we do not need to have pieces shipped from all over the world.  We also have the privilege to walk/bike or take the subway to our manufacturers.  We do not need to ship samples back and forth and by keeping it local, we also have the ability to produce as many pieces as we want to meet demand. 

My goal is to deliver the best and most unique pieces to you. And to do so in a way that is sustainable. I'm building a brand that creates pieces that I hope people keep forever, but I am doing so in a way that does not compromise the community, or the world, that we live in. 

Love to all,