Pili Restrepo is the creative force and guiding inspiration behind the PR Series. Born in Colombia, raised in Spain, schooled in Italy and living in New York City, Pili infuses her designs with a diverse mixture of Latin, European and New York vitality, sophistication and boldness.  As a lifelong student of fine arts and artisan design practices, Pili’s personal mission is to create a line to complement the woman who never wants to be defined by a word, a phrase or a simple story. 

Personal evolution and inspired change are Pili’s core values and are the heart of the PR Series philosophy. Each month, a unique, stand-alone piece is released that propels the line to unexplored themes. Every piece easily transitions from day to night, season to season and from joyful energy to reflective introspection. 

Hand-made in New York City, each piece of the PR Series embodies quality, meaning and versatility and captures the core elements of adventure, creativity and freedom of spirit.

Discover Pili's latest collaboration, COMUNIONE, here. 

Portrait by Kate Edwards